Interior Design Fresno CA founded in 1990 to help our clients to bring their vision to reality. We make homes that you dream about and can actually be lived in every day. Hence, our company located in Fresno California. We create surroundings for clients for the whole community of California and to the nearest city. We love to work with all clients from successful businessman to young families just starting out. From large to small living room design projects, each client gets our full attention.

  • There is no big or small project, from interior ideas for a living room to an entire home.
  • We also use the existing furniture to create the new design, which we start from scratch or helping for pieces that complete the set.
  • Our company is experienced in creating beautiful and livable homes- from formal spaces to nurseries.
  • We know how to work within budgets and timelines.
  • We do custom design furniture
  • Also, landscape design
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Who We Are

The company has been designing beautiful interiors for over twenty-eight years. Hence, our team known for our endless, beautiful and custom designs. The owner of the company has a degree both in Business Management and Design. That enables him to understand financial limitations when working with the design process.

The owner is a master at pulling rooms together with the correct scale of it's furnishing, the right color. As well as, the best lighting to illuminate the space. The company set a standard of staying away from the loud flow. And choosing to stay on course with a focus on timeless design and simple line furniture. Hence, one of the favorite looks is a neutral textile on great furniture. With colorful printed pillows, modern art, and beautiful rugs.

As well as, all mixed with interesting old furniture and accessories. The owner enjoys most is working with his clients, one on one, taking the time to listen to their needs. Also helping them to discover their own likes and tastes. He is the happiest person when seeing his client's dreams come to reality.

Our Interior Design Fresno CA

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Residential Design

Home interior design has blown out onto the scene and it seems you cannot escape its popularity at the moment. Most homeowners confuse on how to have a good interior design. Others just simply mix and match the color schemes with an eye-catching layout. However, the best interior design is a lot more than that. It includes making a good surrounding with the best designs that blend to perfection.

Commercial Design

Business offices and corporate spaces also get the attention of the company's treatment. This kind of space where we value and deliver on form, functionality, and flow. We understand that combined, all three allow for the levels of productivity. Which is essential to an office and corporate surroundings. As a business owner who is looking to create an outward-facing corporate surrounding. That shows the character we also make that happen. We have a design belief that puts your goals at its core. We serve to a different business nature such as hospitals, rehabilitation center, hotels, and restaurant.

Elements Of Interior Design

Space is an essential aspect of interior design. Open space, space flow, vertical space, horizontal space, mind space, and so on. The psychology of distance drives much of the components that determine the design for an interior or exterior area. Another one is functionality because everything must have a purpose and be able to be used in that purpose. Not only that, it needs to feel natural and flow properly. Interior decorating and layout design really is the art and science of building a flow layout. That not only looks incredible and resonates with the way you want to experience your home or office. It also seeks to understand space in such a way to create seamless function intertwined with that aesthetic design. In fact, the psychology of space and distance is a huge part of interior decorating. And an entire academic subject in its own right.

Henry David Thoreau said it’s not exactly what you look at that matters. That we need to look past the expanse of a distance and perceive the distance differently. Both like something and also as a lack of something. A good example of this is how the human eye will trick the brain into thinking a vertical pillar is bowed in around the center if you’re looking at it from a distance. The Romans knew this and made their pillars bow OUT instead of being just straight up and down so when viewed from a distance, they looked straight. There are a vast number of things our brains do when we view scenes, rooms, and so on, from seeking symmetry to seeking harmony. So naturally, there are also a great many techniques and approaches to adjust for these psychological perceptions and make things look and feel right.

Everything from the core furniture you choose, to the colors of the room and the items in it, to the shape and design of the different items, and more. Choosing the right color palette is critical. A warm palette of colors creates a close, relaxed, and more comfortable environment. Whereas a colder palette of colors makes things feel more artificial, logical and reasoned. Both of these can be perfect for different types of environments. Everything matters. In the study of space is included the study of the placement of objects in that space.

Here are a few colors and their psychological effects on human minds. Yellow, Orange, Green encourage communication and socializing. Purple, Deep Blue, Red, and Dark Green reflect a gloomy mood, but if applied in a minimal amount, can evoke a sense of comfort. Blue and Green evoke calmness. Consequently, a room might sense large, small, gloomy, vibrant, etc.

Students of interior decorating learn to balance the total space with the utilization of that space in a positive, upward-moving way. The ultimate purpose of this science and art is to make life better for people who live or work in the spaces. Your environment influences your mood, your productivity, and your happiness, so take advantage of the power of design! This is what the philosophy of “Feng Shui” is about.

Feng Shui is an early Chinese art that’s about indicating the optimal setting for an interior. This psychology, when applied to a house, make it more inviting and vibrant. The techniques of executing interior or exterior design are also greatly driven by the fundamentals of flow like balance, proportion, symmetry, and rhythm. When these principles are closely followed. It enhances the emotional quality of life by bringing harmony in space. Of late, interior designers are keener about applying their knowledge in the psychology of distance to virtually every project. You can attain a calm and tranquil ambiance from implementing best practices in all these components of the design.




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